Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sorry about the quality of these images, I keep moving the lights and moving the work and can't seem to get an image that gets all the problems solved.

These are some of the work done at the Atlas Life Building in Downtown Tulsa. The building is the current location of the Courtyard Marriot, and has loads of people moving through the street level hallway, both on their way up to the second floor check in and back toward the Atlas Grill (great sandwiches), or the Tulsa Press Club. The space is being donated for use by working artists who will work on location so that visitors can see the progression of the work and interact on an informal level with the artists.

This was for me something that when offered the chance, not such an exciting thing. I went to all the places that you would think one would go, "you want me to let people watch me work?" Followed by "I'll have to drag all my stuff down to ...". There were many excuses. The Tulsa Studio Tour was just a few weeks away and at that time it seemed like a great opportunity for the artists on the tour to begin to get publicity. There was less that a fabulous response, but I was committed and thought that I would continue to try it and see what happened.

The first and most exciting thing was that I had walls. Lots of walls and with fewer than expected artists working, I could us lots of them. At the beginning, I stayed in the front of the area I was given, and had two solid walls and some temporary walls to paint on. This gave me the ability to paint on two or more things at a time. (more later)

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