Sunday, August 30, 2009

notes: to anyone who is even a little curious about things

I don't know most of the time, what I am doing. I learn as I go along. I bring all kinds of stuff with me, and all kinds of people, whose voices I listen to for guidance; all kinds of technical things that I know, and try to let go of, or at least not let those things lead the conversation. The rest is a result of movement and recognition. Movement forward, is not easy, and can become a victim of neglect, fear, and reckless pride. Recognition is something more delicate, eyes that see, the good, the bad, and the stuff that lives on the edge between, which can be nurtured into the positive elements of the work without losing identity. There is no refuge in the security of the work already done, only restlessness and insecurity about the work to come.

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